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I am suddenly aware (from the copious amounts of facebook status') that our student loan has come through. Whilst everyone is discussing what they are going to spend it on I'm just thinking thank god my overdraft is wiped now! I'll be lucky if I see a tenner from my 2k loan as I'm so far in, I should really start tailing my super spending! There are a few things I am thinking of treating myself with my loan though, apart from the deposit on my student house for next year, I really need to invest in some nice beauty products and after reading all your beauty blogs i'm inspired!

001. O.P.I Nicki Minaj inspired nail varnish 'Save Me'
 I am rubbish at perfectly self grooming my fingernails and my nails are always chipped and/or different colours, I admire girls that keep them looking perfect all the time! This is going to be an addition to my new years resolutions for 2012 - to keep my nails looking perfect all year long! Luckily this nail polish will suit me as, it doesnt have to be evenly applied I can just splash it on coat after coat! and I've wanted some glittery nail varnish for ages and after hearing all you beauty bloggers blog about it I want in on the action!

002. Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment for frizzy, coarse or unruley hair.
This sounds exactly like mine, ever since I took the plunge to get dip dye ends I have noticed a change in the texture of my hair, the ends are brittler and the top of my hair seems to have lost oomph and instead is a frizball mess - hopefully to do with the weather. But I have heard great musings about this haircare specialist Liz Earle and have decided to go against my stubborn nature and spend the whole £14 for this blend of red algae, cotton extract and sumac wax treatment that promises to smooth and tame my unmanagable hair with a fusion of sweet orange, rose-scented geranim and vanilla extract leaving it soft and silky and smelling beautiful! ...Usually I think this descriptive natter is a load of bollocks but I am going to trust you beauty bloggers that rave about her and give it a go!

003. Shea Body Scrub - The Body Shop
I bought this for my mum for christmas as she loves The Body Shop and as I was home for christmas I like to take advantage of the bathtub and all of her expensive products that surround it and I was pleasantly surprised to say that this scrub does exactly what it says on the tin! This exfoliating body scrub contains real shea butter and it lifts away dead skin cells and has a subtle nutty scent. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth for hours after and I loved the smell! I liked it so much that I am going to buy myself a pot too! Retailing at £12.50 but is so worth the extra pennies!

004. L'Oreal Paris Matte Morphose Foundation
My skin is not the colour of the picture attatched but more of a nude, soft beigey colour! I already use this and although its quite expensive I love the texture of the 'feather light souffle' that always transforms my skin and is evenly spreadable. Highly recommended but the pot is quite small so I find myself having to buy in bulk but this is definitely on my list when I go shopping!

005. No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick 
God knows how much I have spent in the past on lipsticks that have failed me, the ones I do love always manage to fall out of my handbag on a night out! I have got loads of those free coupons from Boots that have £5 off No7 or 3 for 2 or whatever it is so I want to buy some long lasting lipstick from their counter next time I'm in. I like the shade of this one, its called Grace, although I am always too scared to go and speak to the counter ladies for advice as I know they will try and sell me something I don't want/need or advice me on a colour I don't like!

So here are my 5 beauty buys for the new year! If anyones tried any of them and wants to give some advice let me know as I am nowhere near expert on makeup! :)


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  1. Petit Chatons said...'> 7 January 2012 at 17:10

    All my loan went straight on rent, and I'm still £800 short :( sucks to be me!

    Laura x


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