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Scoured the wet streets of London today in the thunder, lightening and hailstones. None of these stopped me from shopping though, the main aim for the day. I haven't done a proper post in a while as I've been so busy doing not only my own uni work, but helping friends with photoshoots/interviews etc so i've had no time to myself at all! But had the day off today so I thought I would treat myself to abit of pre-birthday retail therapy! 

First stop Westfields, my first time today and I can't understand why i've never been before! Its bloody amazing, so much better than west quay about treble the size I'd say! I was in complete heaven, found a few bits there and then decided to catch the tube to Camden, I wasn't overly impressed with the markets in camden, I think it was partly to do with the weather dampening my mood but I found joy in a little chinese takeaway stall and trudged on! 

Next stop oxford street, main objective was to check out the H&M, for those of you that follow me or know me personally you will know I work in the Southampton store and completely bum the brand! So wanted to check out the rivalry obviously. Wasn't that impressed, I had heard that Tottenham Court Road had a better one so back on the tube it was (stupidly realising 10 minutes later I could of walked 100 metres and be there but no, silly tourist took the long way round!) I fell in love with this H&M, they had everything, Trend AND Home, something our store doesn't stock so I felt like a child in a sweetstore trying things on and getting cheeky staff discount! 

Then it was onto Picadilly Circus were we stopped for a Cinnabon (OMG, if you havent tried one, do it asap!) and back to Westfields where we continued to crawl around and spend even more money! I ended up spending a total of £130 all in all, not bad really considering I paid £16 of that amount on travel to and around London and £8.50 on food! But the rest is about to follow in pictures...

The disco pants I've been lusting over for months on ebay, and finally plucking the courage to part with the £70 in the shop! 
American Apparel Disco pant £70

 H&M Trend. Tottenham Court Road, £19.99 (£14.99 staff discount)

Racer style back, pale yellow mint green colour! silky material, will definitely wear something underneath as its very seethrough! cropped style.

Topshop Westfelds, sale purchases, green marl leggings £10 sale, lilac crop sweat £10 sale

My favourite and most comfortable buy! 

So what did everyone else do in the rain today?


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