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The unique and vivacious clothing brand Arteecollage captures the essence of ‘urban chic’, but with an effortlessly elegant approach - think american apparel but better value and better quality (their finishes are incredible)!
Arteecollage collections provide a foundation for individuality and embody the true definition of utilitarian wear. Their apparel is functional, versatile and sculpts the physique with the utmost quality, using luxury materials like Modal. Each of their items acts as a loyal staple garment for your everyday wardrobe, whilst also achieving an ultra soft draping effect.
Not just a regular clothing brand, Arteecollage are ethical, liberal and target male as well as female markets! They currently have shops on their website, as well as on my favourite marketplace eBay and Amazon. Arteecollage also offer something different for ‘standout’ moments; their cool graphic printed designs are created by contemporary artists such as Paul Engeris and have a surrealistic appeal.

'Arteecollage: Chic Style' by Emma Salter 

Red Top: Arteecollage £35
Pink Skirt: Topshop £15
Moustache necklace: New Look £12
Mirror stud clutch: Miss selfridge £38 

Today I'm wearing this chic Modal fabric red tee from the Arteecollage range, and teaming it with my lovely pink frill hem mini skirt from Topshop sale and my floral doc martins with my urban mirror stud clutch from Miss Selfridge (pictured above) 

The great thing about Arteecollage is that all their garments are painstakingly crafted in pure and flowing modal fabric, this design glides on the skin like silk creating a classic look with its feminine asymmetrical neckline, making this the perfect chic outfit! My mother always told me never to wear red and pink together as they clash, but the rich red tone in this tee offers a dark and mysterious style making it ideal for adapting to multiple seasons and styles. 
Accompanying my chic style outfit I am wearing a quirky contemporary moustache necklace from New Look and my super urban floral Doc Martins.

This newfangled diversity 'Mysterious Tee' from Arteecollage is your perfect staple for an urban chic outfit, thanks to the Modal fabric creating a silky classic smart casual look, I will be able to wear it with anything as it is so comfortable and chic! It is rare to find a basic tee that still makes you feel elegant and opulent! Once you feel the luxury quality of this tee, you will never want to shop high-street basics again!

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