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I love love love EBAY! Here are my recent purchases that I just wanted to share with you all as I love them so much (haven't even got them yet but i'm waiting eagerly) Firstly at the top I've got 2 items I bought on a whim from the urban outfitters website on sale! I've been coo'ing over the Boo the cutest dog top in store for ages not willing to part with £28 (I'd rather pay that for the soft toy) and was delighted when I saw it go into the sale for £14! student discount being a godsend and making it only 11 quid or so, fantastic! Can't wait to wear it with my joggers on a rainy day!
I also got some White converse style flatforms that i've been lusting over for ages, a mix between converse all stars and creepers these are living on my feet as soon as my knee gets better! (dislocated my knee saturday night but thats another story)
That's it for urbans though, the rest is topshop from ebay, faux fur jacket £5.50, white boyfriend cardigan with cute teapot graphic on pocket £4.99 and glittery maxi skirt 99p.
The acid stained versace palace top is my favourite, custom designed but one of a kind so I had to have it! Bid a little more than I wanted to but got this baby for £8.51! still a bargain as most of her designs go for £25-30 in auction! 

That's it from me today, gotta get cracking with a trend forecasting presentation for uni! Have a nice day :)


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