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Here's a little post to show you what shoes I'm currently coveting from ASOS at the moment. Lot's of heeled, black with studs going on! I can only afford one pair (joys of being a hard-up student) so which one do you think is the most gorgeous/practical? Here are my choices...


ASOS SHOE COVET by emmalulu41 featuring low boots

  1. Classic heeled chelsea boot, found everywhere on the high street but I really want a pair that are going to last me, and these Abbi Chelsea Ankle Boots are good value at £38 and have a rounded toe which is perfect as I can't stand pointed boots!
  2. These April Showers leather studded biker boots are a crazy pick for me, as I'm not really a biker boot kinda gal, they were in fashion about 2/3 years ago and that died out fast but it seems I can't want to keep my hands off of them! The gold-tone stud embellishment adds style to the classic boot and glam-rocks it up abit! Real leather means they cost a little extra, but £55 is still good for a pair of sturdy boots!
  3. Another pair of ankle boots, BUT there is something different about these that makes me want to clap my hands with joy! The Altitude leather Jodhpur ankle boot has the same rounded toe like number 1 but has a great low profile heel making it an everyday statement shoe.
  4. ALOT of girls have been hating on these Accuse leather ankle boots with weave detail, especially the topshop kind. But as soon as I saw Toni's post on her Topshop 3 buckle boots that were £78, I've been trailling the internet ever since looking for cheaper alternatives! and I came across these, £60 is abit better than £78 and I actually prefer these, the Topshop ones are without a doubt beautiful but something about being a student has made my taste slightly cost-aware!
  5. I'm sure you are all aware of 'the Zara heel' thats taken a mighty jump into everyones racks this season (and now sold out everywhere), but these ASOS Hollywood Heeled Sandal alternatives have been crafted with a suede style upper and a resin sole. The open toe with single strap vamps up the shoe and with a slimmer ankle strap fastening it differs from the Zara phenomenom. The heel doesn't look too daunting either! 
  6. I couldn't decide between these Prior Pointed High Heels and the Hollywood Heels before but there isn't much difference, apart from the fact these are patent black and more 'going out-y' so I decided to use both of them in my covet list. They are £45 which is quite pricey but for a long lasting heel that actually looks comfortable and stylish too I wouldn't mind paying that price! (along with student discount)
  7. These Millie flat shoes with metal toe cap are currently in the sale for £21 reduced from £38! What a saving, but for how long will studs be in fashion for? Theres just something about them that I'm in love with, like a magpie to silver.(gold)
  8. Everybody loves creepers, even boys do now! and these Vixon studded flatforms couldn't go a miss in my asos covet list. Just like the april shower biker boots they are covered in gold-tone stud embellishments. I think I prefer gold to silver studs now too, definitely more glam! 
What do you think of my picks? Would you buy any of them/have I missed anything?



  1. Ashleigh said...'> 7 January 2013 at 10:16

    I love love love 3,4,7. So I guess it's just the choice between the practical (flat) or the daring (sky high).

    However I'm pretty sure you can get most of these styles for a lot cheaper (or even just a little) from other sites!

    I have a very similar pair of chelsea boots, same heel length from Boohoo. I did a post about them here

    I'm almost certain I've seen 2,3,7 online somewhere other than asos, never forget ebay as a hunting tool.

    As for 5, Primak DEFINITELY do a copy.

    Hope this helps and enables you do buy a couple of pairs! x


  2. Jo said...'> 7 January 2013 at 11:25

    All great choices! I love the metal toe caps... <3

    Jo x amomentwithjo


  3. Sheree Milli said...'> 7 January 2013 at 17:41




  4. Sheree Milli said...'> 7 January 2013 at 17:41

    Oops capslock! ;)


  5.'> 7 January 2013 at 17:59

    Love love loveee this post :D you can never have too many shoes!

    Just stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist not following :D



  6. Roos Kor said...'> 7 January 2013 at 19:24

    Hey, I love your blog!! I follow you now, can you follow me also?



  7. em said...'> 7 January 2013 at 19:52

    haha at the caps lock! is it weird i read it in what i imagine to be your voice shouting?! thanks and no problem! it's so nice to see someone who 'made it' very lucky and obviously very talented! keep going :) xx


  8. em said...'> 7 January 2013 at 19:55

    ahh thank you that's so nice to hear! :D especially from someone whos blog is as successful as yours! one of my new years resolutions i've added is to try and follow more beauty blogs to learn more skill in applying, and yours looks like the one to watch! following too :) xx


  9. THE DIVINITUS said...'> 8 January 2013 at 01:30

    Loving the ankle strap.


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