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Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Still not feeling amazing due to my throat infection, but I've tried to take a proper outfit post for you all! I was so happy to receive my American Apparel poppy tricot leggings through the post yesterday which I won for £7.50 (+£3 postage) on ebay! They had been 'worn once' so were practically new, and they fit amazingly! I have the American Apparel disco pants so was already aware of the form fitting qualities but this fabric in legging is so worth it! They are £34 to buy brand new from the American Apparel website but I thoroughly recommend trying ebay for some! The same seller had listed a nude pair and also a black pair, I wasn't feeling the nude as on a fuller figure like myself I didn't think it would flatter me very much! So I bid on the black ones in the hope that they would sell for the same price, they eventually went for £18 which isn't too bad considering they had been 'worn once' too, but I wasn't too bothered that I didn't win, until the seller then contacted me as I was the last to bid and asked if I wanted them as the buyer had pulled out! As I was already buying the red ones I thought I can be cheeky here, so I said I'd take them for £12 with no postage as I was already paying for the poppy red ones, she said no at first but then later contacted me saying ok! I was so thrilled! Me and my bargain hunting ways...

Gosh Red lipstick - (old)
H&M Grey tshirt - £9.99
American Apparel tricot leggings via ebay - £7.50 (full price here)
Topshop white studded pumps £4.50 sale

Unfortunately I didn't pack anything to wear with them as I was only coming home for the day and was wearing my trusty grey tshirt dress from H&M, so I wouldn't wear this normally with it! What would you suggest I wear? I'm thinking black or possibly denim as the red is very bright! I love them all the same though!
Not sure how I feel about doing proper outfit posts, it makes me realise how atrocious my hair is! In dire need of a haircut and restyle, but too poor at the moment! I want it to grow a bit more too, but as soon as I'm happy with the length I will be ridding of my dip dye and going lighter all over, I CAN'T WAIT!

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8 Responses to 'POPPY LOVE'

  1. Bronwyn Kyte said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1362950833565#c4215957843702486570'> 10 March 2013 at 21:27

    Love these leggings, I need some bargain hunting tips off you!


  2. Alice Barton said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1362952655163#c3078517607002750176'> 10 March 2013 at 21:57

    love those super bright leggings! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


  3. SamanthaLusts said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1362954109960#c500040008219834067'> 10 March 2013 at 22:21

    I really like the look of those shoes :)
    And the length of your hair. You should dye it this length!

    Samantha xo | SamanthaLusts


  4. em said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1362962224059#c2859758132539028315'> 11 March 2013 at 00:37

    thank you! haha i'm just poor i think that's the real secret! x


  5. Sophielou said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1362962886462#c3662339753019072320'> 11 March 2013 at 00:48

    That pop of red in the outfit looks amazing!

    Also, I am having a small giveaway and would LOVE for you to enter here


  6. Silvana C said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1362962921960#c1769241501684589213'> 11 March 2013 at 00:48

    Whoaaaa love those treggigns missy, yu look awesome! <3


  7. HighlandFling said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1363039212049#c8026846766373562849'> 11 March 2013 at 22:00

    I always buy AA stuff from ebay, the pricing is far more reasonable, especially since they push up the prices in the UK. Your lipstick colour is beautiful too, it really suits you!

    E x


  8. http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/03/poppy-love.html?showComment=1363259555992#c3328011782967247102'> 14 March 2013 at 11:12

    The Pop of colour in your outfit looks amazing! The shade really suits you. Following :)

    Check out my blog at http://the-style-runner.blogspot.co.uk/

    X jessie


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