30 ways to be thrifty and save a quid!

Posted by Emma Salter On 22:22
You may remember my post for Money Supermarket back in February called Whats in your pocket? Well they've come up with another way for us lucky bloggers to win some more money and share are money saving ways! Because lets face it, if I wasn't for those deals and sales we all love we wouldn't have anything to blog about would we? (well I definitely wouldn't!)

Also, you might not be aware that it was the 30th Anniversary of the £1 coin on the 21st of April, that little golden nugget I have wandering around the bottom of my purse is 10 years older than me! Wowza. Anyway, the aim of the game is, Money Supermarket are looking for 1,000 ways to save £1 and what better people to ask than us bloggers? Everyone can get involved, the more responses they get they have agreed to DOUBLE the prize fund! Which would total at £2,000 for just one lucky blogger! If you want in (and let's face it why wouldn't you!) then here's how you can get involved:

Each blogger has to give up to 30 ways to save money and they are going to give every person £1 for each money-saving tip! Once you have given away 30 of your money saving tips and secrets share them on the 30 ways to save page and email the link to your post plus your Paypal details to  competitions@moneysupermarket.com. to get your money before the 17th of May! Simples!

Now that stuffs out the way, here are my entries to the competition!

  1. Don't be so materialist, buy smart price beans they taste just as good as heinz!
  2. ALWAYS check groupon before going out to dinner, they always have amazing offers from good name restaurants to save you some money!
  3. Take a student shopping with you, abuse their discount! 
  4. Buy all of your hair products from poundland, seriously! They stock some of the top brands and all for a pound?! you can see some of the amazing names I picked up from my trip here.
  5. Want a particular top you saw in last week but can't afford the price tag? Check ebay before you buy! I SWEAR BY IT! most things start at 99p so grab a bargain!
  6.  Always left with too much pasta? Don't throw it away, stick it in a plastic container and freeze it for tomorrows lunch!
  7. Go veggie, I can't stand the prices of meat so I mix my diet up a bit with some quorn now and then! It's nicer than you think!
  8. If you're a student like me, you can't afford the microsoft office/adobe packages, make sure you download free trials before splashing out, because if you can't use it, it's not worth buying! Try before you buy is the best motto!
  10. Living in student accommodation? Chip in together for cleaning products! You won't need 3L of bleach but between 7 of you, you will!
  11. I'm proper anal in our house about switching off the plugs before bed, save electricity so you can spend extra money on clothes! (of course)
  12. Want a new skirt, hate an old dress? Get the scissors out darling and chop them up!
  13. Don't even think about joining a gym, their fee's are extortionate and if you've never been before it's likely you'll love it for the first 2 weeks then it becomes a chore, do light exercises at home little and often!
  14. Get a boots advantage card! The amount of meal deals I buy on my work lunch means after about 10 trips I can use my points to get a free lunch! (whoever said theres no such thing as a free meal was lying)
  15. Leave the debit card alone. Take cash out and only take what you need, if you don't have the money on you, decide later if you really need it! 
  16. Grab any kind of loyalty card you can - Nandos, Boots, Superdrug, Varsity, Subway, Sainsburys etc
  17. Take a packed lunch to work, when you tot up how much of your hard earned cash you're spending on that macdonalds that made you feel sick anyway you will actually be sick!
  18. Use the limbs your mother gave you and walk everywhere, don't waste petrol if it's in walking distance!
  19. When you and your friends go on adventures always check the group save option, it'll save you lots!
  20. Get a friend to help you dye your hair with a £5 box from Boots, I've stopped going to hairdressers to get my hair done now, £70 for a full head colour is not on!
  21. Save the little sachets of makeup in magazines, because when your foundation runs out and you haven't got enough to face the world with the next day you've got extras!
  22. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, I refuse to pay for water from the shop! Tap water is free! 
  23. Use free social networking sites before putting anything up on ebay, you never know your friend might have seen you in a particular outfit and would happily buy it off you without you having to pay seller fee's!
  24. Keep a jar for coppers, money is money at the end of the day and it will mount up when you add to it! Noone likes breaking a note!
  25. Check online sites for deals on postage, there is always a code!
  26. Don't you just hate card payment fee's when buying food online? Save money by ordering your takeway with cash
  27. Contridicting the one above, don't order takeaway! Use that soup in the cupboard and don't gain the extra pounds!
  28. Take a list with you when you go food shopping, theres no fun in buying more milk than you need and having the throw them both out when they go out of date before you've finished them!
  29. Don't buy milk at all, have a black coffee! Good for your diet as well as your bank balance
  30. Don't give in to the mothers/fathers/valentines day occasions, make something homemade and show the person you care! 

Well those are my entries! Have you got any money saving tips I've never heard of? Do share! 


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  1. Gemma Talbot said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/04/30-ways-to-be-thrifty-and-save-quid.html?showComment=1367018328793#c5200293210810861037'> 27 April 2013 at 00:18

    This is amazing, and so true. Definitely a few tips I should take from here, but at least I have a Boots advantage card ;-)



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