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Posted by Emma Salter On 19:52
Hi my names Emma and I'm an eBay addict.
I've been abit naughty and been spending my pennies on eBay, some things have arrived and some haven't (due to easter weekend) so I thought I'd use the sellers images instead. So from left to right we have....

(I'm sorry the images are so small, but if I made the mosaic any bigger they were blurred!) 

1. American Apparel metallic grey skater dress - £20 buy it now with £1.30 postage = £21.30 (full price version here)

2. American Apparel navy high waisted jersey skirt - 99p with £2 postage = £2.99 (full price version here)

3. Unbranded lime green midi skirt - £1 with £1.30 postage = £2.30

4. Zara basic black cropped trousers - 99p with £2.99 postage = £3.98 (similar here)

5. Vintage 90s tortoise shell sunglasses - 99p with £2.20 postage = £3.19 (similar here)

6. Handmade wooden 'LOVE' wall hanging - £2.19 with free p&p = £2.19 (available here)

7. Topshop black patent DM style boots - £2.70 with £5.95 postage = £8.65 (similar here)

8. Homies black beanie - £5.99 with £2.49 postage = £8.48 (available here)

9. Black bowler hat - £4.98 with free p&p = £4.98 (available here)

My watching list is constantly rammed at the moment, there's a few things I am dying to win! The thing I hate about eBay is, when I do fill up my watching list I really want them all for that price! but obviously so do other people, and the thing I can't stand is when people bid so early on when if you just wait til the day of the auction you will get a better deal! Argh! Fingers crossed most of this comes in the post tomorrow morning as I feel like I've been waiting forever for them :( Especially can't wait to wear the Topshop DMs because the sun has officially come out today and is still light at 7:30pm so I wanna wear them with my new lime midi skirt and a stripey tee! Will try and get some outfit posts lined up featuring some of the new garms. 

Any eBay shops out there that you recommend? I definitely recommend the Homies beanie seller, relatively cheap and extremely fast postage! The bowler hat however is coming from Hong Kong so will take a couple weeks before it arrives but will let you know after! 


5 Responses to 'recent eBay purchases'

  1. KylieR said...'> 1 April 2013 at 20:52

    Loving both the hats! Cheeky ebay bargains are the best ;)

    Kylie x


  2. Leah R. said...'> 2 April 2013 at 15:12

    great bargains! love the aa dress and the boots! made me tempted to look on ebay again! cx


  3. em said...'> 2 April 2013 at 17:14

    I'm addicted! x


  4. em said...'> 2 April 2013 at 17:14

    i always check ebay after ive found something i love online, it'll always be on there and cheaper! love it :) x


  5. Floral Danielle said...'> 4 April 2013 at 17:02

    Love your eBay finds, especially the AA dress and the beanie! :)


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