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Posted by Emma Salter On 18:00
My favourite kinda haul is a SHOE HAUL! So I've decided to pull together, the shoes I've bought in the last month or so in preparation for summer. First up, as I'm sure (and aware via Instagram) that pretty much every blogger and her mum has this pair of patent white Birkenstock style sliders from Primark. At a super price of £4 there is no way I could resist not being a sheep. They are a snug fit so don't slip off when you walk, they come in black and nude too, tempted to buy the nude pair too! 
Next up the inevitable skater shoe that has featured on fashion blogs for the last couple of months, I've been reluctant to buy them and I'm not sure why. I've actually bought the snakeskin style ones from Topshop, both black and maroon, but returned them the next day both times as I couldn't work out if I liked them or not! I've settled with these canvas black ones from New Look, I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw them in the sale for £5! Absolute bargain and a fraction of the Topshop price, much more comfortable aswell
Everybody loves a jelly shoe, especially a heeled one! I stayed safe with a black pair of heeled jellies from Primark for £6, I've worn them with frilly socks mostly, but I did try and break them in on the first wear barefoot, and I do NOT recommend doing this... I'm still suffering from the blisters! 
These black flatform sliders have been making the rounds with fashion bloggers too, and as you can tell  they are a bit beaten up already as I wear them pretty much everyday! They always get compliments, I think it's the chunky strap that does it, and they are super comfy to walk in! I'm going to get the white version come payday too!

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