suede & lyocell

Posted by Emma Salter On 21:27
When I've had a bad day at work, I tend to try and make myself feel better on the way back home through Brixton by stopping off in H&M and trying things on - it only makes me happy until I realise I haven't got a single penny to spend on myself these days... being a grown up in London SUCKS by the way!  

I'm loving the suede imitation shorts they have in at the moment, a ridiculous bargain at £7.99 - I thought about picking them up for my holiday to Costa Blanca this weekend but I think I'm well over my kg limit already.. Definitely worth heading back for after payday though! 

I'm a massive fan of H&M and I always have been, I spent 4 years of my life working/growing up there so it's safe to say a small piece of my heart still lives on; their conscious collection always manages to come up trumps and this season I spotted the lyocell shirt, despite its baggy nature not complimenting my figure at all I fell in love with its all good natural fibre being. Lastly I spotted these white leather trainers for £49.99 (when I flipped the tag to see the price, the instant doom of no more staff discount hit me *cries!*) 

Do you like any of the pieces I picked up?

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