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Me and my housemates decided to go on a shopping spree today as were going out tonight for the first time since we have been back from christmas, which seems crazy! I bought a new black patent bag from Primark for going out, some Nadine from Girls Aloud fake eyelashes (best I've ever tried) a black sheer sleeveless blouse from New Look, and then spent an hour in Topshop... leading to a pair of Seaseme Street Elmo pajamas that were in the sale for £7, the only size left was size 16, im usually a 12/14 but I like my pajamas baggy, I didnt try them on until I eventually got home, and they are MASSIVE. Also didnt realise they have Elmo climbing a christmas tree haha opps. I also got a oversized white tee with a black cross on it, some navy velvet high waisted shorts, a Bruce Springsteen sleeveless top (all pictured below) and 2 pairs of knickers from the lingerie sale! £100 spent in a matter of hours...

 Black sheer sleeveless blouse - New look - £14.99

 Navy velvet shorts - Topshop sale - £15

Oversized white tee - Topshop - £22

Black patent bag - Primark - £7

Bruce Springsteen top - Topshop sale - £10

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  1. Daisy said...'> 27 January 2012 at 14:06

    Love the shorts, love velvet at the moment too much!



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