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Only recently I have become obsessed with buying shoes, I hate to admit it but I am definitely a 'shoe person'. When you look into my wardrobe there is literally stacks of them pilled on top of each other, I would love to count and see how many pairs I actually have. 

Even my housemates have cottoned onto my addiction, whenever I get in from uni/work/out I kick off my shoes at the front door, it got to six pairs before I was told to take them all to my room! (just like being at home with the family, my mum used to go nuts!) I just have so many, but always find myself wearing the same ones? Doesn't make sense!

Anyway, this post is not to tell the world about my obsession with shoes but my obsession with wedges. Right now I am craving every black suede wedge I see and there are loads out there at the moment, my particular fave are these ones from the New Look website, fingers crossed they have them in my Southampton store as I'm going shopping with my housemate after uni tomorrow to look for outfits for this evening. (given up my detox after 5 whole days)

 I have already decided that I will be wearing the high waisted lurex knicker shorts from the post below, tights and with possibly a black sheer sleeveless blouse and gold chains? What do you all think?

Chunky Ankle Strap Wedges


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  1. NewKidOnTheBlog said...'> 26 January 2012 at 12:01

    yes! someone who shares my fetish obsession for shoess! Those are such beauts, I <3 new look wedges, they are so comfortabe, affordable and look great! xo


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