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This strange building here is the Fashion and Textile Museum in London (photo not mine) which is where I went today to write a review for my fashion bricolage unit of my uni course. The exhibition was called CATWALK TO COVER and it took 2 and a half hours to get to London from Southampton, once I saw the outside of the building I perked up because of its quirky-ness after the long haul journey but once inside I was less than impressed. 
The entrance to the exhibition was plain white and bland, it wasn't very inviting or tactile which you would expect from a fashion AND textile, museum. The 'museum' was more of an art gallery as it featured the curation work of a photographer Chris Moore and had images of catwalk and fashion advertisements framed up on the walls, once you were through the entrance there was a large open space with a neutral colour pallet on the walls yet again, but was complimented with bright stage lights and translucent art wall hangings, some images of 'the front row' celebrities were lit up on the wall which added a 'backstage' presence to the museum, there were long white curtains leading you onto a stage of mannequins dressed in Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton, there was then a staircase leading you up to a second floor with balconies and more catwalk images, there was a media art form in the corner of the room with a pile of televisions displaying a slideshow of fashion imagery, and general info pieces of street style and designer brands. The museum was interesting but not very ... I want to say complete but that's not what I mean, sparce maybe? It didn't really fulfil expectation. But I have to write a 1500 review of it and when you're reviewing exhibitions you can't say a bad word about them... gonna be a hard assignment I think! 

Enjoyed the rest of the day in London though, didn't have enough time to hop on a tube and visit Camden but had a stroll across The Thames with my course mate and took pictures which was nice and touristy! Planned a day trip to Camden for as soon as poss though, looking forward to it! 

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