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So glad that summer is on it's way and the messy bun is in height of fashion, for me it means there's no more of that sweaty neck and worry of strands flying with the wind into your ice cream! I definitely plan to wear my hair up most of the summer, not only will it keep me cool (and look cool ;)) it will stop me from pulling my hair towards my chest in the hope that it will grow, if its up i'm less likely to notice it growing... and then people will start to notice when it's down and fill me with confidence! small things...


3 Responses to 'MESSY BUN'

  1. mantenso said...'> 12 March 2012 at 19:02

    i love putting my hair in a bun so much easier to handle and still looks good!
    mantenso xx


  2. AVY said...'> 12 March 2012 at 19:40

    Looks cute :)



  3. Hollie said...'> 13 March 2012 at 14:02

    I know some people hate it but I love the ombre and the brown contrast together. I have ombre and really like the different colours together. Great post


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