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If you follow my blog you're more than likely interested in the clothing I like/wear so I thought I would share with you a unique, avant-garde and vivacious clothing brand Arteecollage who capture the essence of 'urban chic' with an effortlessly elegant approach - think american apparel but better value

Arteecollage collections provide a foundation for individuality, creativity and innovation, embodying the true definition of utilitarian wear for the modern consumer. The apparel is functional, versatile and sculpts the physique with the utmost quality, using luxury materials like Modal which is also used in high-end fashion designers' collections, ensuring a loyal staple garment for your everyday wardrobe achieving ultra soft draping carefully crafted to your body shape.

They are a new, ethical and flexible online fashion brand targeting male as well as female markets! They currently have shops on their website as well as my favourite marketplace eBay and Amazon. Arteecollage are doing something different for 'standout' moments, their audacious graphically printed designs are by contemporary artists, serving to transcend cultures and zeitgeists through their surrealistic appeal. An eclectic mix of fine art and street art has inspired this digitally printed collection that features surrealistic drawings from such artists as Paul Engeris - check him out, he's well cool! 


Today I am wearing these ultra luxurious urban chic leggings from Arteecollage and teaming it with this lovely stripe cotton crop top from American Apparel. 

Leggings £25.00
Crop top £23.00

Now that winter's on its way our student house heating has been cranked up a notch so I can keep cosy in these dark marine leggings which are super comfy due to the stretch-jersey fabric crafted from Modal, which gives them a super soft silky feel and the long-length means I'm covered waist to ankle! I have teamed it with this form fitting monochrome crop top to look chic and contemporary giving me an overriding sense of luxury and opulence thanks to the super comfortable Modal leggings making simple look silky!

If you are a student like me, go check out Arteecollages' Amazon sale which has gone live today! Many modal dresses, tops and trousers are 75% off! And prices start from just £2.50. GO!


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