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Very excited to announce I have a written piece live on @ukfashionintern new website, I have followed the twitter page for quite some time now and always found it useful for finding contacts and work experience. When I was contacted to write an article on my interview experience I was thrilled! Would be great if you could all check it out, here is the finished version but to see it live go to ukfashionintern.com

What was your first ‘fashion industry’ interview like? Emma Salter takes us through the stages that landed her first fashion retail internship.

I applied for an internship at MYLA LONDON by simply replying to a tweet. This got me an interview fairly quickly. I’d spent all summer emailing companies without response but the first time I used Twitter I was successful.

To learn more about what the placement would involve I spent a few days conversing with my contact.
Having never been to an interview like this before I had no idea what to expect. I was so nervous I contemplated not going in. I stood outside for a good 10 minutes deciding what to do. I plucked up the courage by reminding myself that I would be a fool to come this far and miss out on an opportunity, at least I could say I had tried if it was not successful.
Whilst waiting for my interview I saw many people rushing back and forth. All were very welcoming, asking if I needed anything, a glass of water or coffee, one intern even wished me good luck. I then relaxed realizing this would be a great place to work.
The interview took place in a staff room, a relaxed environment where I felt no pressure by the interviewer. She introduced herself as the head of retail and went through my CV, asking me to reflect upon why my skills and experience would suit this role. I had prepared answers but nothing can prepare you for a ‘hot-seat’ interview. Surprisingly though the answers I gave were better than those I prepared. Because I had relaxed and stopped worrying I was able to be myself.
I was offered the placement there and then. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I had done well but never in a million years thought I would get it straight away. I was so happy that I had taken a chance and went for it.
I start my internship in January 2013. I am able to work it around my studies by interning two days a week. During this time I will be doing a unit in ‘Advanced Visual Merchandising’ at university. My interviewer was very interested in this and suggested that I could put my studies into practice in Selfridges in London.

Interview tips

//  Like Emma aim to discuss the details of the internship before going for the interview, if the internship is not suitable this could save time for both you and the interviewer
// Be clear about the time and location of the interview and your contact/interviewers name.
// Consider your safety at all times. If you are visiting a well-known brand check the details of its head office. If you are given an alternative address be very wary. If you are going to meet an individual – for example a stylist – you may wish to take someone with you or ensure someone knows the details of the interview and expects a call from you after it. Sorry to sound like your mother here, but it is likely that you found your internship over the internet, you are probably very excited about the opportunity so all thoughts of internet weirdo’s and basic safety go out of the window.
// Emma’s CV must have impressed her interviewer. Her skills and interests matched those relating to the job so during her interview she was able to expand upon this and show that she was enthusiastic about applying what she had learnt.
// Research the company or individual who’s interviewing you. You can do this through Google searches and checking news items, the ‘press’ section on a brands website will also give you some great insight. This research will help you to ask informed questions at the end of your interview and give you the edge of the next interviewee.
// As well as showing that you can be of help also consider what you are getting from your internship. Are the hours and days suitable for you? Will you receive payment or expenses? What duties you may be expected to carry out?

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