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The unique and vivacious clothing brand Arteecollage captures the essence of ‘urban chic’, but with an effortlessly elegant approach - think american apparel but better value and better quality (their finishes are incredible)!
Arteecollage collections provide a foundation for individuality and embody the true definition of utilitarian wear. Their apparel is functional, versatile and sculpts the physique with the utmost quality, using luxury materials like Modal. Each of their items acts as a loyal staple garment for your everyday wardrobe, whilst also achieving an ultra soft draping effect.
Not just a regular clothing brand, Arteecollage are ethical, liberal and target male as well as female markets! They currently have shops on their website, as well as on my favourite marketplace eBay and Amazon. Arteecollage also offer something different for ‘standout’ moments; their cool graphic printed designs are created by contemporary artists such as Paul Engeris and have a surrealistic appeal.

'Arteecollage: Style Me' by Emma Salter 

Animal print top: £11 (Available now)
Long white leggings with artist detail: Arteecollage (via amazon) £10 sale
TIMELESS black suede boots: Pret-a-Beaute £34
Mac Pink Lipstick: £16.50
Hive and Honey chain necklace: £24

Today I’m wearing my favourite animal print top from that was an amazing bargain at £11. It goes great with my long white Arteecollage urban leggings which I got at an even better price on theirAmazon website for a crazy £10! What’s so great about these printed leggings is that they are affordable for such a high quality Modal fabric. The material of these leggings also sculpts my physique in a soft, non-irritable way, which is perfect for my sensitive skin.
The durability of the leggings is top notch too, so much so that the garment’s colour and quality sustains for up to 400 washes! Not only do these leggings look great but they also adapt to the seasons by being naturally cool in the summer and by generating warmth in the winter. This is all ideal seeing as Autumn is coming to an end and my legs that are getting colder.
I’ve teamed this outfit with my new suede boots from Pret-a-Beatue, they were a steal at £34 and can turn every outfit casual to smart! No outfit is complete without a bit of accessories, and this Hive and Honey long chain necklace completes my outfit. It’s a bit pricey at £24 but it’s gold tone and extra long length means it can be worn with just about anything.


These urban chic white leggings from Arteecollage are the perfect staple to this outfit, a garment so simple but with an artistic feature that can be compared to no other kind of legging. This beautiful artwork featured on the right leg is by contemporary artist Paul Engeris and adds a definitive urban edge to the outfit. It’s surrealistic approach and colours make it easy to co-ordinate with the rest of my wardrobe. The modal fabric is what lures me in every time. Arteecollage’s basic range uses the luxurious fabric in most of its designs, making it a staple you want in your wardrobe! Nothing compares to its elegantly simplistic touch.
If you’re enjoying the blog then don’t forget to check Facebook and follow Arteecollage on Twitter for up-coming new events and garments that they have to offer. Also if you fancy bagging yourself a bargain, head over to their Amazon site and fill up your basket!
For additional insights into Paul Engeris’ art work then please see his webite: 


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