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Doesn't even feel that long ago since I posted about starting this new feature to my blog but I've got so many instagram photo's to show you (I did tell you I post alot) already, here is my week in photo's! If you are new to following my blog follow me on emma_salterr instagram :)

01. On the train, wore my Urban Outfitters flatforms for the second time and they have dirty marks on them! Gutted :(
02. Outfit of the day: date night last wednesday with my boyfriend that turned into snuggle in bed with netflix and munch because the cinema was packed with diehard twilight fans! Wearing topshop brogues, american apparel disco pants, new look tartan shirt, levis denim jacket and h&m faux fur stole
03. 2am just got back from Glastonbury carnival and wanted a selfie to show how wrapped up I was! sat in the cold for 6 hours wasn't great for my toes!
04. German market lights in my hometown :) festive feeling!
05. German market mulled wine, my first time trying it, not toooo impressed!
06. Boyfriend joe sipping his nice cold beer!
07. Perfect christmas dress on the All Saints website, £295 I just don't have!
08. Frog and Parrott date night meal with Joe, chicken and bacon club sandwich with chips and salad dressing £4.98, so good!
09. 2010 picture of me and my friend megan, I kinda miss my hair there!
10. Topshop changing room casual pic, in love with the jumper, my own faux fur stole goes perfect!
11. Present from Joe, reindeer cupcake from greggs which is actually a little plastic ring! so cute and thoughtful
12. Arteecollage sample leggings for me to review!
13. Giant cupcake and eggnog latte in starbucks, couldnt finish the cookie!
14. Glastonbury carnival, check out my post for more pics
15. Another glastonbury carnival pic, see above link for more!
16. My best friend Amelias 21st surprise birthday, jugs of jager all round!
17. Christmas market lights in Southampton!
18. Self pic, I love urban outfitters red lipstick!
19. Me and best friend sadie at the pub
20. Joe and me on a walk, (You'll realise alot of my pictures feature him in, one of those couples! ;) )

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