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Boxing day sales. I am not a fan, at all. I think it should be banned, whatever happened to 'January sales?' why a day after christmas! Just ruins the whole idea of christmas, spending time with family and appreciating the gifts you've been given, but no. 9:00am west quay opened their doors and people were queuing for next sale from 8am! disgusting! 
If I didnt have to work I would be at home in my new fluffy pjs, watching dvds and pigging out! But the fact I was working, in town, I couldn't help resist the long stretch of shops along the way getting my boots meal deal for lunch. I know, I know, im such a hypocrite! But I only bought something as I was in town anyway, I would never purposely get up before 9am on boxing day and travel to town to shop! I only had an hour to eat my lunch and look around so I nipped into River Island as my colleague showed me all the stuff she bought earlier and I needed a new purse so the fact that this gold shimmery number was in the sale for £6 reduced from £13 I had to have it!

Whilst getting my Boots meal deal, I found a shiney £2 coin on the floor and slyly bent down and popped it in my pocket haha, making this purse a mere £4 of my own money! :D :D 

It has a smartphone compartment, coins, notes and card holders

So this is all I could muster from the boxing day sales, there was no time and too many people to have a good look, I might pop in abit earlier before work tomorrow and have a better look but working in retail makes me hate sales abit, especially my own! I love getting a bargain but hate having the fight for it, busy crowds suck! Wish me luck.


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  1. Stephanie said...'> 27 December 2012 at 17:26

    Lovely wallet :) x


  2. em said...'> 28 December 2012 at 00:49

    thanks! i'm pretty pleased with it :) x


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