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I'm really excited by this post because this is the first time in what feels like FOREVER that I have actually got something to show you that I've bought recently, I don't consider eBay as retail therapy or charity shops as that's where I've done most of my shopping recently due to being the epitome of a poor student! But I felt like I've worked hard recently with my uni deadlines and being back at work so I spoilt myself!
Too close to Xmas I know but who cares!

Today we h&m staff members got our lucky mitts on 50% discount on 3 items of our choice in one transaction but the clause was that it had to be an outfit, so I couldn't buy 3 of the same thing and give them away as gifts! (which is actually what I had planned to do)
So logically I picked my favourite 2 most expensive items that I refuse to pay full price for (even with 25% usual staff discount rate) which were the notorious H&M leather jacket £29.99 RRP (which was the last one left in my size and had a mark on the back so I got an extra 20% off making it non-returnable, not that I would bring it back anyway, I'm in love with it!) and a big chunky thick knit black jumper that is £29.99 RRP, then decided to treat myself to some white high tops as I'm too cheap to buy converse!
The bill should of come to £58 something but I actually got all three items for £29.49 which isn't even the price for the leather jacket alone! I was mega pleased with this, so much so that I am going to do a vlog on the spree so you can get a better feel of what I bought!
I hope this doesn't sound too inyourface but I am a bargain queen so I wanted to share it with the world!

Excuse the poor quality instagramed images, you will get a better quality view on my vlog which will be up soon!

(I wore these for abit and got them dirty instantly, white trainers :( faux pas?!)
£12.99 originally, I got them for £6.49

Originally £29.99, I got it for £15.49

Originally £29.99, I got it for £11.49!

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  1. HighlandFling said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2012/12/h-spree.html?showComment=1355599923526#c3131475244195824255'> 15 December 2012 at 19:32

    Hey name twin!
    I love H&M as well, they have such good prices and their quality is so good. I am having a love affair with H&M trend at the moment! So good!!

    Emma x


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