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Ever since stumbling upon Jessica Alba's twitter profile, I can't stop lusting over her exact hairstyle. My hairs been getting me really down recently, half due to the weather messing up any kind of style I put on it and half due to being impatient with it growing. I swear it hasnt moved a cm in the last 2 months, but hey ho. :(


After trawling the internet for more hairspiration from Miss Jessica Alba, I found this lovely picture. My hair is just about this length straight, so I know that if I attempted to curl it this way it would be about 10x shorter, which saddens me. I am useless and totally unfeminine when it comes to my hair, I'd love to be able to sit and spend hours curling, twisting and touselling it but I just can't be bothered. Which is why I adore going to the salon, having someone else do my hair sends me into ecstasy, but I don't think I've been for a good year or so, due to being a poor student and being too embarrassed to front a qualified hairdresser with my do-it-yourself ombre. So when I get my student loan in January, I think I'm going to treat myself to a trip to my local hair stylist and beg her/him to make me look like Jessica Alba. In the mean time, my kind grandmother has bought me the Nicky Clarke mayfair allure straighteners for crimbo, she doesn't know I know yet, so I'll get my surprised face ready for Tuesday. 


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