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Calling all make-up and beauty fanatics! I'm currently writing an essay for university that focuses of the beauty and aesthetics of makeup with reflection to identity and meaning, and I have been lucky enough to interview a successful qualified MUA friend of mine called Naomi Lake ,who has been published in the likes of ELLE UK.COM, MTV, LOOK Magazine, LOOK TV, MYNT Magazine, Pebble Magazine and Future Face Magazine. In this interview I will be quizzing Naomi on what her opinions are of the global make-up phenomenon, MAC.

About: 'Naomi Lake is a highly creative makeup artist. From the orthodox to the avant-garde, her art knows no bounds - neither does her work. Since breaking into the industry her experience ranges from Editorial shoots in Beauty and Fashion, Advertising and Lookbooks, Video Media, Catwalk and Events'.

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ME: How long have you been using MAC cosmetics?

NL: 3/4 years. I used to work for Estée Lauder companies and they are part of the conglomerate (MAC, Estée, Clinique, Bobbi Brown (their main competitor), Smashbox, Origins, Aveda, Prescriptives, Bumble and Bumble, Darphin, Creme De La Mar, Ojon...). There I had 75% off all products, so it made it a lot more affordable. Before then I had heard of them and knew of their reputation but I don't think I had anything by them.

ME: Did you use MAC cosmetics before you were a professional mua?
NL: I did, I have only been a qualified (pro) MUA for a year and a half. From when I first started using the brand I was always blown away by the high quality of all the products. I also loved the professional look of the makeup, clean black casing, pro palettes for interchangeable custom colours... The huge range of colours, far more than any high street brand (including Max Factor, Rimmel, L'Oreal). However, I did see the pro range (not available to the general public, only available to view online with membership unless bought in flagship Carnaby St store) at the same time as I was properly introduced to the brand, so it was a slightly skewed angle to first view it. 

ME: Would you say MAC cosmetics are the best brand of beauty products?
NL: For me, one of. However this is completely down to interpretation as to what your needs are. For a pro MUA they are one of, Illmasqua are a close cut second or the Makeup Store Intl or Kryolan. This is for their consistent high quality on design/formula, ingredients and unfathomable range of colours. One of the skills of a good MUA is to balance the use of high-end brands with high st brands for creating a good makeup that is also economically viable. MAC always offer the range in colour to produce something special in terms of creativity although this is not always the cheapest way to create a standard makeup, but their range of colour in basics (foundation/concealer) is also important. 

ME: Do you think non-mua should use MAC as the brand market themselves as makeup for professionals?
NL: I think anyone should be able to use the brand, I see no need for complete exclusivity. The brand marketing is done very well, meaning that they are still seen by pro MUA as a viable brand, but maintain the excitement of being something special and high end for the general public. There is already further exclusivity in that MAC Pro products are only available by a yearly membership, for which proof of pro status is required (qualification certificate, call sheet, website...). The limited edition products are aimed more at the general public, MUA tend to steer away from these products as it is frustrating to come to  rely on a product which is then un-repurchaseable once expired.

ME: Do the majority/all/none of MAC cosmetic products enhance the face to appear more beautiful? and is it skill or design?
NL: All cosmetic products definitely have the potential to, but it is always down the skill in application and is not specific to MAC products. The most expensive of any brand foundations can age a person innumerably if applied badly, too heavily, streaky... A good combination of highlighter and contouring powder (correct products) can dramatically change the appearance of face shape (design) but can easily go wrong without knowledge of facial structure and contouring and correct brushes (skill!).

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