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Happy new years eve, everybody!

I hope you're all as excited as I am, I'm not going out to town this year (like I've done the past two years) but I've got a few friends house parties lined up so can afford to dress down a little bit! Seeing as it's been raining horrifically all day I'm kinda glad! Also town is so expensive and nothing different to a normal night out! Anyway, I ordered some silver disco pants and a polo neck crop from ebay last week and they arrived yesterday but the disco pants are way too small :( I'll be putting them up on ebay next week if anyone wants to buy them from me! They say size 14 in the label but are definitely no bigger than a size 10 because I'm a size 12 and they don't fit me! The crop tops fine though I can wear that anytime with my high waisted levis and tights, or my american apparel disco pants.

So after the wave of disappointment last night, I decided to venture into town early this morning to find myself a bargain outfit for tonight, headed in at half 9 and wondered into every single clothes shop! Found quite a few things I liked that I didn't end up buying though, if only I had an unlimited bank balance! Henry Hollands concession in Debenhams has a great sale on at the moment if you're ever in that area! Also urban outfitters has some lovely day-smock dresses, £25 a pop though! I wanted two but couldn't justify £50 for both! So I left empty handed.

This is the shirt I tried on in Henry Holland concession at Debenhams, I really liked the checked print and it had a black pu leather collar which was great! Can't remember the original price but it had been reduced to £17.50, still a little pricey but I liked it, maybe when student loans come in I'll get it if it's still there!
Here's what I did buy though...

L-R River Island Chelsea Girl skater dress in silver velvet - £10 sale. Topshop bodycon dress with cut out and zips - £1.04 on ebay (didn't technically buy it today but it delivered today!) Bank gold and black lace playsuit - £19 sale. Black and gold speckle glitter top - £2 charity shop. Floral bag £3.50 charity shop.

Gold JLW label top - black with gold specks. I'm not sure what JLW stands for, I thought maybe john lewis women or something? but then john lewis is a department store. No idea, but if you do know let me know! This was £2 at my local charity shop, and the floral bag which I am IN LOVE with was £3.50 at the same charity shop. I was thinking of wearing this top with my black american apparel disco pants and some black flatforms for new year? As I'm going to a house party I wanna look dressed up but my main feel is for comfort! There's nothing worse than heels on carpet!

Next I went to River Island and found this Chelsea girl skater dress that I'd had my eye on a couple months ago and is now in the sale for £10! it's abit tight across the bust, which is something I always struggle with being an F cup! (probably bigger now as I haven't been measured in yonks!) but I really like it because it's velvet and seems 'New Years-y'. What do you think?? I also tried on this blouse, for the lols, it's light blue with mini cats with fluffy tails all over it, SO cute and it had studs around the collar aswell, but it did look lolsy on so I didn't buy it! tis cute though!

Next I went to Bank to see if my friend was working, and ended up buying this! I'm kinda drawn to this one for tonight but I've had mixed reviews, guy said no, girls said yes! What do you think? This was in the sale aswell at £19 down from £35 I think! It's by ribbon and has a open back, it's a little big around the side, but like I said i'd rather be comfortable at the house party!

So those are my last minute looks for tonight, PLEASE help me out by picking one that suits me best as I probably won't keep them all! If you can imagine the gold charity shop top with disco pants that's an option too! Happy new year to you all!! xxxxx

P.s obviously my face won't look like this on the night! I plan to toussle my hair and have some pale brown/gold glitter eye makeup and fake lashes! maybe lipstick depending on which outfit I wear! suggestions very welcome :)


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  1. Robyn said...'> 1 January 2013 at 20:03

    Love that Henry Holland shirt! If it was cheaper I think I'd have snapped it up too. I love sales!

    Robyn Mayday


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