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Last time I did one of these was around christmas time, so I am definitely due an update! This is abit of a cop-out post, and it's scheduled as right now I'll be in London in my 3rd week of interning for Myla London. Anyway! Here's what I've been up to recently.

1. Yes you saw this picture last night, but for some reason I like it!
2. Sunday roast at spoons is literally the best roast, had this whilst catching up with fellow friend and blogger Beth at Voilet Delight
3. Lots and lots of dissertation/uni work at the moment, I love uni and don't want it to end but, I have so much work to do I just want it to hurry up and be over with!
4. Took a trip home home to see my family and had a little play with this bugger, Alfie is just the cutest!
5. It snowed last week down in Southampton, and this is the snowcat me and my housemate made!
6. This is the view from green park tube station, so pretty! circa 8:30am
7. Joe took me out for dinner the other night at spoons (can you tell I love pub grub?) and this time I had a chilli con carne which was LUSH!
8. On my second day interning with Myla I got sent to Bond street to check out the designer shops and get fitted in store, couldnt resist being a cheeky tourist and taking a snap of the Gucci store!
9. The Myla wardrobe, there is a good 30k worth of underwear here!
10. Average lunch of an intern; sushi, fruit and coffee! oh and stylist mag...
11. Last week I got sent to the portobello road store on my internship and I absolutely fell in love with the place! such a pretty area of London.
12. My friend Sadie is an absolute babe and bought me some pre-intern stuff, it includes a London print notepad, cupcake pen, thorntons chocolate slab saying 'good luck' and a card with London buses on it!
13. This was me for work last saturday, using my velour scrunchie for the first time for work!
14. I have actually managed to go out since christmas, this was a great night with the lovely Naomi from My Grandad Cardigan
15. Standard outfit of the day with my new boots which I will post about soon!
16. HAUL
17. I'm happy to admit I've managed to loose 9lbs since christmas! through drinking lots of water and eating little and often rather than lots and often! Hurrahhh
18. £1 hauls 
19. Oh dammit I accidentally put the london one in twice... I'm sorry
20. My jeffrey campbell damsels, £130 reduced to £29!! <3 p="">

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