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Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently, finding it so hard to fit in with my internship taking up all my precious hours in the day! so yesterday was my second day, of my second week, at Myla London head office. 
I'm really enjoying my experience so far, learning so much about the brand, I was worried that 2 weeks surrounded by the unspoken rule of 'Louboutin shoes under the table, Prada bag on the desk' and having The Ritz and Bond st around the corner would corrupt my thrifty nature, and it was starting to, I wondered through Bond st and found myself lusting the Prada window forgetting my high street roots, when I was bought back down to earth this afternoon, spent in Portobello/Notting Hill at the lonsdale road Myla boutique, I didn't realise until I got there that it was an outlet store, meaning they had a special room full of discounted samples sent from Myla HQ, the Evergreen robe is reduced from £1,000 to £200 in store! CRAZY! seriously kicking myself now for not buying anything, will definitely make an appearance next week to purchase some sexy knickers. Spending 2 hours there I can't resist not going back! The manager of the store was an absolute doll, they were so friendly and made me feel part of the team, I even learnt how to measure bra's whilst I was there! I will do a post after my internship has finished giving the full low down on what went on and I have sooo many pictures!
But anyway, sorry for the text heavy post. Here's some picture heavy.. pics..

Topshop green marl sweater* £28 - christmas gift
H&M cream blouse with gold studded collar  - £1 sale (75p staff discount)
H&M black leggings - £5.99
H&M Lavender beanie - £1 sale (75p staff discount)



  1. Charlea said...'> 23 January 2013 at 12:09

    Everytime I read your blog I'm unbelievably jealous of your £1 H&M bargains and constantly wishing my local one had a £1 sale too! You look great and your internship sounds amazing. I mentioned you in my Liebster Blog post as one of my questions was about my favourite blogs at the moment and yours is definitely one I can't stop reading! xx


  2. Beth said...'> 23 January 2013 at 14:14

    Your hair looks great em! And I am loving this outfit too, so fashionista. Thanks my my liebster nomination! xxx


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