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So I'm officially in my last semester at university now, and this week we've had an 'activities' week, which has meant lots of exciting and inspiring talks from creatives and guest speakers. Yesterday in particular we had a talk from Nicola Davis, who is an award winning image consultant and personal stylist at Colour Me Beautiful who's specialties include: individual colour analysis, style consultations, make-up lessons, bridal guidance, wardrobe wedding and personal shopping.

I was really inspired by the whole lecture because, styling and colour analysis is really something that interests me, in the short hour we had with her we were taught what colours best suit our skin tone and how to 'dress for success' in an interview.

Here are a few examples of what I learnt through her talk on style personalities.

If you have dark hair and dark eyes you are categorized as 'Deep'

Naomi Campbell and Eva Longoria are examples of this because they both have brown to dark brown hair and dark eyes, these colours work best with cool colours, a blue based garment (dark) will compliment a darker skin tone whereas a warm yellow based garment (light) will look better on a lighter skin tone.

If you have dark hair and light eyes then you are categorized as 'Clear'

Likewise, Katy Perry and Megan Fox are celebrities who fit into this category with the dark hair and contrasting light eyes and suit vibrant strong colours.

If you have Dark Blonde or 'Moussey' hair then you fall into the Soft/Muted Category

So Jennifer Anniston and Fearne Cotton are in this category because their hair isn't light enough to be considered blonde but not dark enough to be brunette. This hair colour works well with soft colours and tone on tone accents. 

Struggled to find natural blonde celebrities but Kate Hudson and Gweneth Paltrow are examples of Blondes that are under the category of Light and work best with soft pastel colours, as you can see comparing these images Gweneth looks better in a soft silvery tone which matches her complexion whereas Kate looks great in black but it's very overpowering and doesn't compliment her skin tone.

Currently waiting to hear back if I can do work experience with them as I'm really interested in a career doing this! If you want to know more visit their website at www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk


I don't own any of these images they are all taken from internet sources.


  1. Karen Eiland said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/01/whats-image-consultant.html?showComment=1360755754454#c8262326200379877856'> 13 February 2013 at 11:42

    Fantastic post, it's nice to get some first hand information with those who have knowledge in the industry. I knew a great image consultant in London once who could analyse and detail your perfect outfit just by looking at you for a couple of seconds. It seems a God-given gift, one of which I'm continually jealous of!


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