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Come and have a look, £1 fish clothes! Yet again I found myself in the right time at the right place, at H&M we have come to the end of our January sales stock, final reductions have been made to reduce the size of sale so that more new stock for s/s13 can make it's way into store. This means, any odds can be reduced to a £1 to get rid of, and because I never wear my own size I always get away with the best things, I'm a size 12 normally but can buy things from size 10-18, so if I ever fluxuate I can still wear whatevers in my wardrobe! that's not why I do it though, I'm just a hoarder of old clothes and if I see something I like and it's not my size, I'll buy it anyway!

So here's what I managed to get today, all items are £1 and with staff discount they all cost me 75p each. Work it out...

See-through black leopard print crop top 

Monochrome print oversized Tee

L.O.G.G blue tartan shirt

Black high waisted skirt with clear overlay

Little extras - Hotpant knickers, Black wooly bobble hat, Grey wooly bobble hat, Navy turban headband, Neon green mittens.

These sale items are subject to store availabilty, not all H&M stores will have a £1 rail so don't expect to see this in your local H&M as it is often a one-off, like I said before it was a 'right time right place' deal. Just got the luckiest job! What do you think?


2 Responses to 'YET ANOTHER H&M HAUL'

  1. TSOH said...'> 18 January 2013 at 20:08

    I wish our H&M had £1 rails!
    I'm going into the Manchester one tomorrow to check there as I've not been in a while but last time I went, there was no £1 rail :(

    - TSOH


  2. MoKath said...'> 20 January 2013 at 01:39

    The tartan shirt is really cool. Maybe I should go check out some H&M in Central.


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