all this maxfactor for under £18?!

Posted by Emma Salter On 12:00

I've never been a beauty buff but oh em gee did I find an amazing deal this weekend! I've been using the Maxfactor face finity foundation for the last month and I've had so many compliments from friends about how amazing my skin looks, I've got quite good skin anyway but pre-uni deadlines I had a few breakouts due to stress so went on a hunt for a good concealer when a lovely lady in my local boots pointed out the face finity foundation that is a 3-in-1 primer, concealer and foundation! It was £11.99 for one bottle but I don't mind splashing out on foundation when you know the product is going to be good, and I tend to get new makeup every 2-3 months so it's a bargain in the grand scheme of things!

Well I popped into boots again today to get a top up and decided to try out their powder too as my usual natural collection one was running out. Maxfactor have a deal on in boots at the moment, when you spend over £15 you get a free gift, and I love free things so decided to get the power too at £5.99 bringing my total to £17.98. The gift came in a box the size of a normal hair dye but I didn't think anything of it, thought it would be a few little sample sachets but when I got onto the train home I decided to have a look, and I couldn't believe what was in it! A nail polish, mascara, eye shadow and lip pen! FOR FREE!!! Definitely makes buying the power worthwhile now! I love boots and their deals, I also got 100x points on my card, even better! Can't wait to try these out!


2 Responses to 'all this maxfactor for under £18?!'

  1. Sophie Ruffell said...'> 28 May 2013 at 10:44

    Wow what a bargain!
    May have to do this myself.


  2. Daniela Rubio said...'> 29 May 2013 at 11:04

    I LOVE MaxFactor make-up. It is one of my fave brands ever.
    I've been using their Creme Puff for so, so long and would never use another brand, as that does the trick PERFECTLY!
    I really want to try that foundation, it looks amazing.
    Hopefully when I go to Boots today, they are still doing that offer.
    Great post!

    Love Daniela (New Follower) oxo


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