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Posted by Emma Salter On 22:01

So as you saw yesterday it was my first day starting Mudpie trend forecasting company. You'll be pleased to know the first day went well! I can't reveal exactly what I was doing because Mudpie content is on subscription, but I did enjoy my first day tasks. Everything was just how I expected it to be, if a little bit more exciting - as I had been on a taster day before and was familiar with the tasks I had to complete. The first half of the day I was working on the MPDVision department, some may find it boring but researching fashion designers and artists for hours is something I find so exciting! I learnt a few new names that il definitely be following in the future. Love finding new talent!
The second part of the day I was working on a blog piece for MPDClick, one of the first deadlines I've been set since leaving university and I coped pretty well! It was only 300 words long but it had to be right and contain the right facts and content had to be suitable to the house style of the website. Luckily where I studied Writing Fashion and Culture at university I was used to writing to a specific audience and was able to research the content that was already there thoroughly so I knew the audience I was writing for. After completing my first draft the lovely lady in charge read through and praised it! There were a few changes to make but overall she was really impressed! Great thing to hear on your first day at internship! 

Anyway, outfit day#2
Pinstripe blue shirt - H&M l.o.g.g - £14.99 (£11.24 with staff disc) 
Cropped black trousers - Zara via eBay - £2.20 
Arabel boots - Topshop - £85 (£76.50 with student disc) 
Blue socks - H&M - 6 pack £5.99
Large black tote - Primark - £12

Will update you tomorrow on what I was doing today! 

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  1. Claudia Finn said...'> 21 May 2013 at 23:52

    Glad your first day went well.
    Love the outfit set x
    Claudia xx


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