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Today I'm starting my editorial internship with Mudpie, a trend forecasting service that has been trusted with generating trend books and consultancy for the past 21 years in the creative industry located in Lockerly, Hampshire. I'll be interning on the commercial online trend forecasting service that is

My main duties will include writing trend reports and features for the blog, assisting editors with visual research and image management, but I am informed there will be lots of other stuff to try out too! I'm really looking forward to it because the Buying and Trend Forecasting unit I did at university last semester was the highest marked grade I've ever received (without wanting to brag, it was a high 1st (96/100)) and I was so proud of the work I had produced working alongside our guest lecturer and industry professional Sarah Leigh Wade, who inspired and motivated my decision to intern in the world of trend forecasting! 
I'm particularly lucky that this opportunity isn't located in London, like most fashion related internships are these days! It's simply a car journey 12 minutes from my boyfriends house - so not far at all! 
Like most internships it's full time and unpaid, but how often do these opportunities come around so local and for a graduate? I finished uni 2 weeks ago now so I'm plunging head first into this role, hopefully using the skills I learnt over the 3 years studying BA(Hons) Writing Fashion and Culture at Southampton Solent University and putting that knowledge to the test! 

I'm writing this post from my iPhone so I apologise if the layout is all skew-whiff and I won't be able to sort it out until the weekend as I'm staying at my boyfriends without my MacBook! But my plan is to blog daily from the blogger app and showing you all how I'm styling my internship workwear! 

Day #1 
Celine Paris tee - eBay - £13
Floral monochrome trousers -Topshop - £28 (£25.20 with student disc)
Pale pink socks - H&M - 6 pack £5.99
Arabell boots -Topshop - £85 (£76ish with student disc) 
Gold necklace - accessorise sale - £2 (old) 
Gold ring - H&M - £3.99 (bogof)

Have any of my followers interned at Mudpie or a different trend forecasting company before? What was it like? 
Anyway as I'm scheduling this post for Monday - wish me luck! 

P.s unfortunately I can't put links in on the blogger app but I will aim to find out how tomorrow evening! 

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  1. Sade said...'> 20 May 2013 at 03:54

    Good luck with the internship girly! I love your trousers! I haven't interned yet but im planning to this summer! :) Let us know how it all goes!

    XOXO Sade


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