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Posted by Emma Salter On 17:30
Due to my thrifty nature, I can't not go to my local Poundland to check out the bargains before my weekly shop. I am always amazed at what I find, these are just a few items I got recently. 

I don't buy alllll my beauty essentials in Poundland but when it comes to deodorant and shower stuff - it's a must. You might have seen my post earlier in the year showing what I picked up and that's had some really good feedback so I'm going to make this a regular thing. There's no point me going into what's what as you can see it in the picture but I am so happy with these little purchases! The get fresh naked body wash is my favourite, sooo smelly (but nice smelly!) and the Pantene nourishing spray is really good on my ends, dip dye has ruined my hair and this really seems to be helping it de-tangle! I also can't believe the price difference between a normal sized bottle of Aussie and TRESemme compared to these travel size ones! I'm forever buying new shampoos and conditioners so these are perfect for me!

Do you shop in Poundland for beauty essentials?

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  1. Sade said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/05/poundland-essentials.html?showComment=1368841134657#c197675831705063929'> 18 May 2013 at 02:38

    I love good old poundland! I didnt realise they sold Aussie in Poundland though!


    XOXO Sade


  2. Kate A said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/05/poundland-essentials.html?showComment=1369466004985#c498323109273720422'> 25 May 2013 at 08:13

    They have some amazing bargains in Poundland!
    New follower!


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