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If any of my followers follow She Wears Fashion, they will know that she is an amazingly inspiring (and stunning!) fashion blogger that has recently got an internship working for STYLIGHT, a website that is created by the community for millions of people to discover fashion every day. Staying updated with her blog/social media introduced me to the website and here are my views!

STYLIGHT offers accessible shopping and easy to imitate bloggers and the fashion communities 'looks' from all around the globe. The way it works is each look is a member of the communities collage of outfit photos, products you can buy, videos and more. There are thousands of new looks to be discovered everyday, and each look gets voted for by the community using the heart tool to determine which looks show up on the 'trending' page. If you find a product that you really like, it is so easy to buy it straight from the website! I used to get all of my inspiration from blogs / Tumblrs, but after finding STYLIGHT I only have to check one place to get all of the creative fashion information I need. 
The website is free and easy to join from wherever you are in the world! You are free to discover more than 5000 fashionable brands and millions of products, STYLIGHT has popular designers, big name brands and noteworthy new labels - the full package! To sign up and give it a go, follow this link to register. 


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