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Posted by Emma Salter On 22:33
 Happy New Year!

2014 Resolutions
Clean eating, go on a European holiday, move to London and get my dream job. 

The year has started well for me so far, I'm due to start my fashion PR internship with Think Publicity next week and moving in with my boyfriend for 2 weeks, nervous excited to say the least! New year and new internship meant it was time for an update on my wardrobe. I've also lost 20lbs since August last year, so the smart-casj clothes I bought for my last internship at MPDClick.com don't fit me anymore, booooo. Not all bad though, as I picked up this little treasures in and out of my local shopping centres sales!


Poundland 2014 diary, £1 (obvs)

H&M urban graphics collection black imitation leather skirt. £14.99 (£11.74 with staff discount)

Primark monochrome striped shift top £6 (new in store)

 Topshop tapered leg trousers £40 reduced to £10 sale. 

Topshop grey marl v-neck jersey top £18

Zara long sleeved white marl basic t-shirt £7.99 reduced to £5.99

Zara long sleeved camel marl basic t-shirt £7.99 reduced to £5.99

Fairly successful shop for smart casj wardrobe staples. I know I can adapt these simple styles into everyday / smart daytime outfits that can be worn all year round, really impressed with the quality of the Zara basics too! Will hopefully do an update next week on how my internship is going, I also have a few sales pieces I want to write about so look out for those soon too. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year as much as I am. 


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  1. Floral Danielle said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2014/01/haul-internship-wardrobe.html?showComment=1388702573865#c78110824999248984'> 2 January 2014 at 22:42

    Well done on the weight loss Emma :)
    I need to get myself clean eating this year too! Your internship sounds so exciting, I can't wait to finish uni this May so I can get myself some more internships!
    Love your sale finds too!



  2. Tash said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2014/01/haul-internship-wardrobe.html?showComment=1388702913143#c359135376881123430'> 2 January 2014 at 22:48

    Congratulations! Love the striped primark top and leather look skirt!! xxx


  3. Ashleigh said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2014/01/haul-internship-wardrobe.html?showComment=1389280245305#c5652490987762360832'> 9 January 2014 at 15:10

    Hello lovely, I haven't dropped by in a while and my o my you're looking ahmaazing! Well done on the weight loss, pro-activeness and your new internship! I hope it goes very well.

    Tan-talk.blogspot.co.uk x


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