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Posted by Emma Salter On 13:02

From now on, Saturday is blog day. I've been neglecting the blog for some time now (I blame the loss of freedom after graduating from university) but now that I've started an internship in London after quitting my full time job in retail - which was the best decision I have ever made btw - I now have a normal 9-5 Monday to Friday regime so blogging can get its slot back.   

As a first instalment to my back-on-the-blawg post I'm going to tell you a little bit about the company I'm now interning for. It's a little out of my demographic, but girls I'm sure some of you have boyfriends, brothers or friends that would be interested in this kinda stuff so read on, I'm sure I've got your attention anyway due to the beard-god that is Scottish model and TheIdleMan brand ambassador Chris Millington above ;)

The Idle Man is the first menswear-specific online-only retailer aimed at 20-something men looking for fast fashion. The site is the brainchild of Oliver Tezcan the ex head of menswear at ASOS who inspired to start out after his own after struggling to find a credible menswear specific site. The Idle Man aims to cut the clutter, offering its customers a curated edit of the best of the high street. To put this into context there will be around 50 brands from launch, with an own label scheduled for Autumn / Winter 2014. The site is also very slick with a monochrome designing, placing the emphasis on the clothes and allowing men to find exactly what they want as quick as possible. 

 I've just completed my first week interning in the Shoreditch offices and I'm happy to say I feel I've settled in real nice. It's a small team, so I'm not shoved into a corner in a bustlin' office all by myself in silence, I'm able to voice my idea's and contribute to the social media as well as editorial. My main roles this week have included researching, writing copy for the blog and updating all social media channels with content and streetstyling around London. Next week, I'm heading to Southend to assist styling the AW lookbook which is suuuuper cool and there's loads of events happening around London that I get to check out, like yesterday we popped down to the Levi's commuter workspace in Shoreditch. 

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