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Layered up for uni today, wearing my trusty camo jacket from urban outfitters mens sale with my favourite faux fur stole from h&m a couple years ago, definitely worth investing in one every winter as they last a lifetime and look great with any coat/jacket! 
Today we had a seminar where we looked into feminism and talked about how women are perceived by men in the way they dress and how it affects their behaviour, to be honest I don't have that much interest in feminism, I think men and women are equal in terms that we are the same species, but everyone was made different! People don't like to be defined by gender or 'labelled' but it's a scientific, anatomical fact that we ladies, are the weaker sex, no matter how powerful Beyonce' lyrics are it is a fact. Which is why I like the way I have dressed today, I embrace the fact as a female I can choose to mix male dominated clothes with feminine clothes, like today for instance wearing a jacket designed for a man and a symbolic women's accessory. 
Fashion has taken a great leap and people just need to get over it and be themselves wearing whatever makes them feel comfortable, if you don't like the way a man looks at you, either cover yourself up or give him a slap!


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  1. Sophie said...'> 6 November 2012 at 18:45

    You look pretty!



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