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Haven't done a what I'm wearing post in a while, due to my dislocated knee and just not having time! I don't really like doing them either to be honest, main reason being I don't have a decent camera with a tripod, so have to take a bad quality picture from my webcam, you wouldn't believe I have an apple mac the quality is horrendous! The last photo was taken on my Iphone 3GS and even that's better quality! Anyway, today I might be heading down to a vintage fair in Southampton, not sure whether I'm going to risk it or not because I don't really like using one crutch out in the street on my own, worried I'm gonna topple over! So I might save myself the embarrassment and stay in seeing as noone will chaperone me :(
The reason why I'm all layered up is because me and Joe are off to the Mayflower fireworks tonight curtosy of his mum! Looking forward to being all snug and cosy watching the pretty lights in the sky! Will probably take my camera so expect to see some picture heavy post's in the next few days.

So today I'm wearing my super comfy blue kimchi flatforms from urban outfitters sale, topshop frilly ankle socks, h&m thick black leggings (if you're going to buy leggings from H&M make sure you buy them from the divided red section as they are the most long lasting/thick! Trust me I work there) with an old assemetric pale pastel blouse from Primark, a gold chocker from Accessorize sale last year, my vintage camo jacket from Urban Outfitters and a faux fur gillet I bought from Topshop sale last year and can't seem to flog on ebay! What do you think? Also, excuse my pale complexion I haven't been able to access the sunbeds for 8 weeks, EIGHT WEEKS!!! The autumn red lipstick I'm wearing is also from Urban Outfitters in the sale for £3. I do love a good bargain hunt.

Faux fur gillet - Topshop sale last year £33.50
Pale blouse - Primark £6


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