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As you may know, I'm abit of a sucker for urban clothing. You might have seen my post for Koyote clothing and being an resident blogger for Arteecollage I've become accustomed to 'that' look. But enough about those, I'm writing to tell you about a fresh new urban collection from Retrousse.

If you're a fan of Urban Outfitters and enjoy that, dare I say it 'tumblr-y' look, then definitely read on to see what new London based brand Retrousse have on offer.

I was first drawn to their brand name, 'Retrousse' it's got that cool-edgy french-ness about it, and being a half frenchy myself (hence my miss baigent persona) that appealed to my nature, and 'retrousse' comes from the old french translated to 'turned up at the end' so you know these guys are creative and cool! There's a short video on the website which shows the shoot preparation for their first collection, it proves they like to have fun, play and live off excitement.

'Retrousse are a charistmatic, energetic and contemporary brand from London est 2012, celebrating ambition, style and creativity in urban life.' 

The Retrousse vision, is to create timeless, unique collections that very much act as trendsetters not trend followers, which supports independent businesses and gradually builds a uniquely creative community. Launching the brand with a four-piece limited edition collection of classic white printed t-shirts that they feel, represent the brand's originality nd creativity in their own stylistic way. At the heart of Retrousse is a strong eco-friendly message. The first range of t-shirts are made from a mixture of Organic Cotton and naturally sustainable Bamboo Viscose making the products not only high quality and extremely comfortable but environmentally friendly ones, with the upmost care taken into screen printing each piece individually, making no two t-shirts the exact same.
They are cut to a mens style, but are unisex and look great on women too, browse the website via and check out the pictures yourself!

This is my favourite design from the collection, and the most girl-appropriate I think! It's cute and quirky at the same time. If you watch the video on the website you can see all of the designs. I love that the location for the shoot was in the Camden Lock, where every fashion savvy youngster KNOWS is the best place in London for the coolest urban clothing. From looking at the website, these tee's look great on both women and men, and I don't know about you ladies but there is nothing more attractive to me than a guy wearing a cool urban tee with his skinny jeans on a skateboard!

The videography and website layout is easy to navigate and trendy with a fresh feel. It's nothing like you've seen before from independent brands and is at the top of my list for new threads to check out! I could quite happily wear this tee with some funky leggings or skinny jeans with rolled up ends. The prices are reasonable at £25 per t-shirt, and are limited edition so grab one while you still can!

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