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Posted by Emma Salter On 18:41
Well it's certainly been a while Blogger. Over a month since I've last posted, by the way - thanks to those who still follow me and have been checking my blog, keeping my numbers up! (You're the best) unfortunately I've had a pretty nasty August, anything that could have possibly gone wrong in my life, did, and it's taken me until now to fully feel myself again! 

I was contacted recently by the lovely Vivian at Chicnova, asking me to do a product review of their site, the brand is a leading online retailer and aims to spread women's street style fashion to all corners of the globe and they very kindly gave me $30 to spend! I chose 2 pairs of sunglasses and a pair of black lace cycle shorts, I couldn't resist the white cat eye pair after seeing Phoebe from Made in Chelsea sporting a pair on her Instagram, I'm such a sheep! I had planned to wear the shorts and sunglasses with this sheer vintage scarf print blouse from Urban Outfitters renewal section (sale) to Bestival, and it was my favourite outfit of the weekend which is the reason why I'm showing you guys!

 My only qualm with the black lace cycle shorts is the sizing, UK sizes be aware when ordering, the fabric isn't very elasticated so tend to sit right on the hip, I would prefer them to be a bit more mid waisted, but other than that I think they're a great alternative to shorts/skirts under sheer garments!

I absolutely adore these sunglasses, and fairly cheap too! Great value and style for money, only $10! Grab them now here. I also got the leopard print version, which you can purchase here.

The shoes are from Primark, they are a dead ringer for the Topshop Katz shoe that I've been swooning over since they came out last year and I am so happy that Primark got it right! They are really comfy and only cost a mere £12!

 Lace short available to buy here.

 You may notice a few changes, gone are the short lived days of the tripod. I've given up on trying to be a 'proper' blogger, all that faffing with angles and self timers is a no-no for me. ALSO, I've lost abit of weight, and I don't want to find it again! Feeling alot more confident these days, yay for me. So this is hopefully the start of me getting back into blogging, watch this space!


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  1. moneylessjess said...
    http://emmalouisesalter.blogspot.com/2013/09/ootd-chicnova-goodies.html?showComment=1379151114712#c2715396890966424690'> 14 September 2013 at 10:31

    Great to see you back! I love the blouse thing :) I'm also obsessed with wearing lace cycling shorts under all skirts and dresses, sheer or not! They protect you from gusts of wind too :)


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