WISHLIST: girl in the street

Posted by Emma Salter On 21:16
This wishlist is dedicated to the girl I saw in the street yesterday. EH? Let me explain.. 

I'm 99.9% sure that I'm not the only girl in the world that get's that overwhelming-panicky-desire feeling to run across the street and ask a complete stranger where and when exactly to the date did she/he (some boys MUST want to too) get that top / skirt / bag / shoe *insert amazing garment term here* from and how much was it, before telling them they look absolutely fabulous and I want to steal their clothes off of their backs there and then. (without looking like a stalker/loon of course). Well this happened yesterday, on the wet streets of Southampton, in my town centre when my eyes were just about adjusting to the 7:50am sunlight I spotted not one, not two, not THREE envious items of clothing but a whole head to toe outfit (PLUS accessories) in the shape and form of this collage...

I mean, it's a pretty simple outfit but it incorporates every single style I'm loving at the moment. Maroon loafers, turtleneck sweaters and grey denim go together like magic, in my eyes anyway. I've made a complete song and dance about it, some may disagree, but I intend on spending my next wages trying to recreate this outfit with whatever I can find on the high street. Because of course, I did NOT run across the street shouting like a madwoman like I originally stated, that only happens in my head.

These aren't original garments and unfortunately Polyvore wouldn't let me sign into my account so I couldn't save this styling masterpiece (lolz) therefore no Stocklist's I'm afraid! To the best of my recollection the loafers are from Topshop and the turtleneck from Mango, but Primark are doing a dandy job with £12 patent black/maroon loafers at the moment and turtlenecks can be picked up anywhere that has a basic department, H&M's are great! (Range from 7.99!)

Let me know if you intend on copying this outfit too, it will be like a massive chain of inspiration... I wonder where she got her inspiration from first?! 

P.S - I've been out of the blogging game for a while recently, due to work commitments/personal life/general laziness but I intend to put a stop to it, and start again. If you're a new follower (THANKS!) don't forget to follow my twitter, instagram and facebook page for updates! :)


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