one of those 'new year, new me' type posts

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Happy New Year!

Jumping on the 2015 bandwagon a little delayed but hey ho. I'm back to my roots, or should I say ends when I'm talking about my hair. What can I say, I got bored over the holidays and there was an unopened box of dye in my desk that needed to be gone (as I was moving the last of my stuff out to London last weekend!) so I took the plunge and dip dyed/ombre my hair, for the forth? time.

I have to say I like it alot more now than I did before, I think it's because my hair is considerably longer so it falls nicer than on bobbed hair. It's a real ginger in this photo, but it's definitely not that bright in real life. I found myself lusting over fair haired models because this (h)elfie got me thinking, how would I look with this colour all over?!

Here's a couple of my fave fiery redheads from Pinterest.



2 week juicing cleanse.

I've never done one before but I got a juicer from my boyfriend for Christmas and I really want to try it out. I'm currently on day 3 of my cleanse and I must say, I'm not missing food that much. If I didn't love macdonalds so much I could definitely be vegan, just saying.

I was inspired by a documentary on Netflix called 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' - a must see if you've got even the smallest want to try juicing. It was so inspiring, and here I am 3 days in! After piling on the Christmas pounds I was sure it would take me forever to work them all off but in the space of 3 days and 8 juices I've already lost 4lbs! It's bloody mental.

There are millions of juice recipes online that you can try out but I'm currently using this one and carrying it on for 2 weeks instead of 1. Im optimistic but, we shall see. I don't currently have a second, third or even forth new years resolution as I'm waiting to finish this cleanse before I decide. I figure if you make too many then you won't keep to them!

Is anyone else trying a juice cleanse this year?


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