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Do you dream of having a personal stylist? Or need help deciding what goes next into your wardrobe? Well you should check out my fellow blogger friend Becky, who interns for Style Nibble and writes the blog Life In Lipstick.

Style Nibble is the place to go for bite-sized personal fashion advice. On entering the website you are asked to take a fun style quiz where, once completed you can discover your style profile and get personalised fashion recommendations from your own personal stylists.

Style Nibble offers a section called 'The Boutique' where you can view some top autumn picks that have been selected specifically to your style, and you can either select 'Love it' or 'Not for Me' so the stylists can get your style down to a tee (excuse the pun, came up with that one myself! ;))

I've signed up to sites like these before, won't name any names but they have been a load of crap but Style Nibble is actually really good at selecting items I actually like! They also have a Buy it Now option, and I have been so tempted by all the items my personal stylist 'Chloe' has suggested for me. You can also get to know your personal stylist better by following their tumblr site which is extremely unique and personal to this website.

So if you are in need of a stylist or want some help with your wardrobe choices, check it out! Even if it's just to take the quiz (which is actually really fun!) Go ahead and sign up, I will be using this site very often! Everybody needs a little bit of inspiration to motivate their fashion choices, so go and get inspired!

Follow them on twitter and don't forget to check out Becky's blog.


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